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The capital Aigai the same as the current Vergina which revealed unplundered Makedonian royal tombs, the most important tomb of Philip II. Inside the golden urn found, valuable utensils and weapons that are exposed to the museum formed inside the Great Tumulus. In the same area have discovered the Acropolis, the Palace with magnificent mosaic floors, the temple of the goddess Eukleia and the ancient theater.

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Mt. Olympus & Litochoro

Mount Olympus is famous throughout the world for its history, its cultural significance and its ecological treasures as well as its place in mythology. An […]

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The capital town of the Prefecture of Pieria is Katerini. It is situated in the center of the prefecture flanked by Olympus, Pieria and the […]

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AGIOS DIONYSIOS MONASTERY ON OLYMPUS Agios Dionysios Monastery is located 3 km from Litochoro. It was transferred here by the fraternal order in 1950 after […]

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