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The capital town of the Prefecture of Pieria is Katerini. It is situated in the center of the prefecture flanked by Olympus, Pieria and the coast of The Thermaikos Bay. It is 440 Km from Athens and 70 Km from Thessaloniki via the National Highway E75 Athens –Thessaloniki. After a long period of constant agricultural development, Katerini has become, nowadays, one of the most powerful commercial, economical and administrative centers of the country. The town offers an extensive market with a substantial increase in activity during the summer, where the visitor is able to choose from a rich variety of clothing, footwear, sports items, jewelry etc. The center of the town, with its pedestrian pavements, the impressive Municipal Park, the Metropolitan Temple, the Church of Agia Ekaterini, the Pondian Museum, the shopping center on the central pedestrian sidewalk and the few notable old buildings also attract the visitors’ interest.

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