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The city of Thessaloniki, capital of prefecture and the second largest city, took her name from the brother of Mega Alexandros, Thessaloniki that was spouse of Kassandrou. The cultural life of city is independent in contrast with Athens and interwoven with the local delivery. The Aristotelian University which is the bigger in the country, the theatres, and government owned and the two experimental faculties, the educative associations, the cinematographic club and many others, constitute certain from the points of report of actual intellectual movement of city. A special fact that becomes each year is the International Report Thessaloniki (or D.E.P.) the biggest commercial report of Balkans has widest Greek and international attendance. With this are appeared thousands industrial, craft-based, agricultural, veterinary surgeon and other products. It worth visit, the White Tower , signal-seal for the city, wall of antiquity, the exultant arch of Galerios, the temples, Agios Dimitrios, Agios Minas, Agia Sofia, It deserves also to visit the historical district Ladadika, the only district that rescued by the big fire 1917 near the harbor that after reformations and configurations of buildings has been changed in a place of entertainment and amusement. The entire district accommodates restaurants, taverns, bar; visitors submerge pamp, nightly centers and each evening the region. There are a lot of museums in order to visit the archaeological, the ancient Greek, the museum of Byzantine culture, the center of history of Thessaloniki, with historical documents, maps, the museum of cinema, modern art, folklore and ethnical, the Macedonian question of modern art, the technician and many other with great interesting exhibits from all the Macedonian world.

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